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Conservative Moments:reading Conservative Texts
by Mark Garnett
ISBN-13 : 9781350001534
ISBN-10 : 1350001538
Publisher : Bloomsbury (UK)
Format : Hardback
Pub Date : August 2018
Status : Print on demand

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Table of Contents
List of Contributors Acknowledgements Introduction, Mark Garnett, (University of Lancaster, UK) I. Early Moments 1. Authority and Conservatism in Plato’s Republic, Joseph M. Ellis and Casey R. Pratt, (Wingate University, USA) 2. St Augustine’s “Two Cities”, Antidote for Modern Secular Progressivism?, W.J. Coats, (Connecticut College, USA) 3. Conservatism and Ibn Khaldun, Allen J Fromherz, (Georgia State University, USA) II. Modern Moments 4. Hume, James Harris, (University of St Andrews, UK) 5. Edmund Burke, Mark Garnett, (University of Lancaster, UK) 6. Alexander Hamilton, Michael Federichi, (Mercyhurst University, USA) 7. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Morrow, (Birkbeck, University of London, UK) 8. Leo Strauss: Theroretical Radical, Practical Liberal-Conservative, David Lewis Schaefer, (College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, UK) 9. Michael Oakeshott, Ephraim Podoksik, (The Hewbrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) III. Conservatism in Contexts 10. Reflections on Cross-currents of Russian Conservatism, Elena Chebankova, (Lincoln University, UK) 11. Conservatism in Japan: Dealing with Discontinuity, Christian Winkler, (Hokkaido University, Japan) 12. Conservatism in Europe, The Political Thought of Christian Democracy, Martin Steven, (Lancaster University, UK) 13. Conservatism in Turkey, Bekir Varoglu, Mark Garnett and Simon Mabon (Lancaster University, UK) IV. Conservatism in Practice 14. Gaullism: A Personal Conservatism, David S. Bell, (University of Leeds, UK) 15. Ronald Reagan, Donald Critchlow, (Arizona State University, USA) 16. Margaret Thatcher, Kieron O’Hara, (University of Southampton, UK)
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