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The Casino, Card And Betting Game Reader:communities, Cultures, And Play
by Mark R. Johnson
ISBN-13 : 9781501347252
ISBN-10 : 150134725X
Publisher : Bloomsbury (UK)
Format : Hardback
Pub Date : September 2022
Status : Not yet published

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Price: S$249.64

Table of Contents
Introduction: Why Study the Casino and the Card Room? (Dr Mark R Johnson, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK) Section I: Foundations 1. From Cards to Casinos: The Material Origins of Gambling in the Renaissance (Dr Kelli Wood, University of Michigan, US) 2. Playing Games with Money: Gambling Games in the Late Capitalist Cultural Milieu (Dr James F Cosgrave, Trent University, UK) 3. To Skill, Perchance to Win: How Chance and Skill Have Coexisted in Gambling History (Dr David Schwartz, University of Nevada Las Vegas, US) Section II: Poker 4. Poker’s Memory Work: Benny Binion, the WSOP, and the Nostalgic Construction of Las Vegas History (Dr Alex Kupfer, Vassar College, US) 5. Poker Fictions: Possible Worlds and the Twenty-First Century Poker Novel (Dr Paul Wake, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) 6. Be a Pal: Representations of Homosocial Poker Play on Television Sitcoms (Dr Danielle Seid, Baruch College, US) 7. "Where the Action is"? Branded Poker and the Futures of Digital Play (Dr Fiona Nicoll, University of Alberta, Canada; Dr César Albarrán-Torres, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) Section III: Money and Class 8. Banking Games, Speculation, and the Normalization of Finance (Dr Joyce Goggin, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands) 9. Pitch and Toss: Working Class Cultures of Gambling in 19th and early 20th Century Britain. (Dr Graham Taylor, University of the West of England, UK) 10. Selves in Play: Pop-up Casinos and Discontinuous Persons in Greece (Dr Thomas Malaby, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, US) Section IV: Casino Cities 11. Monte Carlo’s Wheel of Fortune: The Social Impact of Risk, Reward, and Roulette on Visitors to Monaco’s Legendary Casino, 1863-1914 (Dr Robert W Miller, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, US) 12. What the Statistics do not say: the Reinvention of Casino Games in Macau since 2002 (Dr Xavier Paules, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France) 13. The Gambling Experience of Monte Carlo in the 19th and 20th Centuries (Paul Franke, Max-Planck Institute and Humboldt-University of Berlin, Germany) 14. Gaming as Cultural Heritage: The Case of Venice (Marta Soligo, University of Nevada Las Vegas, US) Section V: Spaces and Times 15. Cultural Continuity of Gambling: Native American Ancestral Traditions and Contemporary Practice on the Columbia Plateau (Dr Laurie Arnold, Gonzaga University, US) 16. On the Infrastructure of Gaming: The Case of Pachinko (Dr Keiji Amano, Seijoh University, Japan; Dr Geoffrey Rockwell, University of Alberta, Canada) 17. Backyard Casinos: The Expanding Gaming Landscape in America’s Neighborhoods (Dr Rex J Rowley, Illinois State University, US) Section VI: Cinema, Art, Literature, and Culture 18. Filming High Stakes Poker: Geopolitics, Bluffing, and the Adaptation of ‘Casino Royale’ (Dr Cynthia Cravens, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, US) 19. The Images and Places of Gambling in Popular Music (Matias Karekalas, University of Helsinki, Finland) 20. From Parasite to Antihero: Shifting Depictions of the Cardsharp (Dr James Banks, Sheffield Hallam University, UK) 21. Gambling Ladies: The Games that Barbara Stanwyck Plays (Dr Catherine Russell, Concordia University, Canada) Section VII: Gods And Nobility 22. Honorable Risks and Dishonorable Certainties: Naiveté and Cynicism at Play over the Card Table in Imperial Russia (Dr Ian Helfant, Colgate University, US) 23. An Enchanting Witchcraft: Masculinity, Melancholy, and the Pathology of Gaming in Early Modern London (Dr Celeste Chamberland, Roosevelt University, US) 24. The Market and the Conclave: Gambling on Political Events in Renaissance Italy (Dr John M Hunt, Utah Valley University, US) Bibliography Index
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