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Board Games As Media
by Paul Booth
ISBN-13 : 9781501357176
ISBN-10 : 1501357174
Publisher : Bloomsbury (UK)
Format : Paperback / softback
Pub Date : January 2021
Status : Not yet published

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Price: S$40.97

In Board Games in the Digital Age, Paul Booth helps us to understand the rapid growth in popularity of board games today.
Table of Contents
Introduction. Board Games in the Digital Age 1. Meeples, Miniatures, and Cubes: Ludo-Textual Analyses of Board Games 2. A Depressing Choose-Your-Own-Adventure: The Interactive Potentiality of Board Games 3. Colonizing Mars: Ludic Discourse Analysis 4. The Designer as Créateur: The Board Game Industry and Constructed Authorship 5. The Player as Fan: Ludic Fandom in Board Game Cultures 6. Who Plays What… Surveying Board Game Players 7. …and Why: Examining Motivations and Popularity of Board Games 8. Cultural Studies of Games: Diversity and Inclusion in the Board Game Industry and Hobby 9. The Epic Adventure of Grundy and Trixie: An Autoethnographic Journey Through Gloomhaven Conclusion. The Board Gaming Environment Afterword: Educational Supplement References Appendix 1. Survey Questions Appendix 2. Data from Survey Bibliography Index
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