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Sports And Scandals:how Leagues Protect The Integrity Of Their Games
by Lordan, Edward
ISBN-13 : 9781440829925
ISBN-10 : 1440829926
Publisher : Praeger
Format : Hardback
Pub Date : June 2014
Status : Published

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Price: S$85.84


Sports are inspiring and uplifting. They can also bring out some of the worst characteristics in human nature: narcissism, prejudice, greed. This book looks at the major sports scandals in modern American history, from the Black Sox fix of 1919 to the current concussion crisis in the NFL.

• Presents detailed, definitive descriptions of famous sports crises, allowing readers to recognize the inaccuracies in the rumors surrounding these events in order to fully understand what happened

• Covers scandals and controversial situations that arose in professional and collegiate athletics

• Highlights how some of the smartest administrators in the public sphere have responded to an unexpected crisis

• Presents information of interest not only to sports fans and sports administrators but also to organizational communications professionals, crisis management professionals, public relations specialists, and general communication studies students

Table of Contents
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  • Sports & Recreation
  • Social Science / Popular Culture
  • Sports & Recreation / History
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