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Social, Casual And Mobile Games:the Changing Gaming Landscape
by Michele Willson | Tama Leaver
ISBN-13 : 9781501310607
ISBN-10 : 1501310607
Publisher : Bloomsbury (UK)
Format : Hardback
Pub Date : April 2016
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Table of Contents
Introduction: Casual Games and Mobile Devices: The Shifting Contexts of Gamers and Gaming, Michele Willson & Tama Leaver (Curtin University, Australia) Part I: The (New?) Gaming Landscape Chapter 1 - Who Are the Casual Gamers?, Lina Eklund (Stockholm University, Sweden) Chapter 2 - Between Aliens, Hackers, and Birds: Non-Casual Mobile Games and Mobile Game Design, Brendan Keogh (RMIT University, Australia) Chapter 3 - Casual Gaming: The Changing Role of the Designer, Laureline Chiapello (University of Montréal, Canada) Chapter 4 - Discussions with Developers: Free2Play and the Changing Landscape of Games Development, Tom Phillips (CREATe/University of East Anglia, UK) Part II: Reasons to Play Chapter 5 - The Sociality of Asynchronicity: Social Network Games and Family Bonding, Kelly Bourdreau & Mia Consalvo (Concordia University, Canada) Chapter 6 - The Rise of Affection Games: The Private Lives of Mobile Devices, Lindsay Grace (American University, USA) Chapter 7 - Mobile Games and Ambient Play, Larissa Hjorth (RMIT University, Australia) & Ingrid Richardson (Murdoch University, Australia) Chapter 8 - Affect and Social Value in Freemium Games, Fanny Ramirez (Rutgers University, USA) Part III: Locative Play Chapter 9 - Riding in Cars with Strangers: A Comparative Analysis of Chinese and American Teamwork in Ingress, Stacy Blasiola, Miao Feng & Adrienne Massanari (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA) Chapter 10 - COMM [secure]: Locatedness and Pseudo-Anonymity While Playing Ingress, Erin Stark (Curtin University, Australia) Chapter 11 - Rewriting Neighbourhoods: Zombies, Run! and the Runner as Rhetor, Jamie Henthorn (Old Dominion University, USA) Chapter 12 - The De-Gamification of Foursquare?, Rowan Wilken (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) Part IV: New Markets Chapter 13 - Social Games and the Experience Economy, Mark Balnaves (University of Newcastle, Australia) & Gary Madden (Curtin University, Australia) Chapter 14 - Angry Birds as a Social Network Market, Tama Leaver (Curtin University, Australia) Chapter 15 - The Mobile Game Value Network, David Nieborg (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and MIT, USA) Part V. Cheating, Gambling and Addiction Chapter 16 - Gambling and Addiction? Social Casino Apps and Digital Media Practices, Cesar Albarrán-Torres (The University of Sydney, Australia) Chapter 17 - Cheating in Candy Crush Saga, Marcus Carter (The University of Melbourne, Australia) & Staffan Björk (Göteborg University, Sweden) Afterword: Players and the Question of Gender After GamerGate?, Adrienne Shaw (Temple University, USA) & Shira Chess (University of Georgia, USA) Bibliography Index
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