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Tourism And Humour
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ISBN-13 : 9781845415105
Publisher : Channel View Publications
Pub Date : June 2015
Status : Published

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This book is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about humour in all kinds of tourism settings. It discusses the many ways in which humour can occur during tourism exchanges including guided tours, tourism marketing and promotion and travel narratives. Other themes include the role of humour in enhancing the tourist experience, the benefits of tourism humour, considerations of when humour may appear inappropriate in tourism settings and the development of tourism humour theory. The work includes much original material collected by the authors. The book will be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers of tourism as well as humour scholars from other disciplines.

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Better to laugh than cry
Chapter Two - It will be a laugh
Chapter Three - Joking our way through the day
Chapter Four - That’s a funny story
Chapter Five - Not funny
Chapter Six - In it for a laugh

Subject / Bisac
  • Business & Economics / Industries / Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
  • Humor
  • Psychology / Movements / Behaviorism
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