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Tommy Koh : Serving Singapore And The World
by Koh, Gillian (edt.) ... [et al.]
ISBN-13 : 9789813222380
ISBN-10 : 9813222387
Publisher : World Scientific
Format : Paperback / softback
Pub Date : October 2017
Status : Published

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This book aims to celebrate the many contributions of Professor Tommy Koh as a Singaporean diplomat, public intellectual and social changemaker. It is an account of the ideas and ideals of an extraordinary Singaporean public servant who was not only born with the talent and ability to traverse many areas of society, but one who, when given the opportunity, had the drive and ambition to make the most of it to create a better world for Singaporeans and the global community. Experts in the various fields of endeavour and people who have worked with him examine his significant contributions in essays that are organised in four main sections: Diplomacy and International Relations; Arts, Culture and Heritage; Progressive Society; International Law; and a fifth section that features tributes contributed by his colleagues and former classmates. Set in the context of Singapore — a nation known for its socio-economic progress, its ability to punch above its own weight in international relations, as well as its increasing appreciation for heritage, the arts, and sustainable development — this book illustrates the power of the individual and sense of agency that can create the systems and structures to achieve all those things. The story of Professor Tommy Koh as captured in this book should energise other change agents to go out and create the progressive, inclusive and sustainable world they want. An inspirational collection for general readers, this book reflects the spirit of Singapore's pioneer generation whose determination and tenacity turned the nation into the modern-day miracle that Singapore is today.
Table of Contents
Diplomacy and International Relations: Diplomacy, International Relations and Singapore's Foreign Policy (Yeo Lay Hwee) A Professor and His International Stage (Ong Keng Yong) The Master Multilateral Diplomat: The Seven Pillars of Tommy Koh's Wisdom (Kishore Mahbubani) Tommy Koh: The Master Distiller and His Legacy as a Negotiator (Daren Tang) Singapore's Envoy to the United States (1984¨C1990) (Chan Heng Chee) Engaging China and the China-Singapore Forum (Lye Liang Fook) Keeping the Kizuna Strong (Chang Li Lin) Professor Tommy Koh's Contributions to APEC (Manu Bhaskaran) Regional Integration for Peace, Prosperity and People: Tommy Koh and Europe (Yeo Lay Hwee) A Founding Vision to Connect the Peoples of Asia and Europe (Peggy Kek) Expertise, Personality, Persistence: Different Diplomatic Tracks and Tommy Koh (Simon SC Tay) The Arts, Culture and Heritage: Tommy Koh and the Ideal of a Well-Lived Life (Kwok Kian-Woon) Tommy Koh and the Arts (Khor Kok Wah) Tommy Koh on the Censorship Review Committee 1991¨C1992 (Koh Buck Song) A Heart for the Written Word (Paul Tan) Tommy Koh: A Faithful Friend to Artists (Jeremy Monteiro) Tommy Koh: A Champion of Heritage and Museums (Kenson Kwok) Tommy Koh and "The Artist, The State and The Market" (Kwok Kian Chow) My "Historical" Encounters with Professor Tommy Koh (Tan Tai Yong) Best Chairman, Cultural Diplomat and Heritage Champion (Michael Koh) Tommy Koh: A Reader and a Gentleman (Elaine Ng) A Master Himself (Danny Yeo) Progressive Society: Progressive Society: Tommy Koh's Imprints (Gillian Koh) Against the Tide (Donald Low) Professor Tommy Koh and the Nature Society (Singapore) (1990¨C1995) (Wee Yeow Chin) Professor Tommy Koh's Green Legacy (Geh Min) The Art of Making Institutions (Arun Mahizhnan) Tommy Koh: The Public Intellectual Who Speaks to a Nation's Spirit (Chua Mui Hoong) The Very Model of a Modern Practitioner-Scholar (Simon Chesterman) Professor Koh as College Rector (Gregory Clancey) Professor Tommy Koh: Advocate for People with Special Needs (Francis Seow-Choen) Building a Better World: A Reflection on the Philanthropy of Professor Tommy Koh (Melissa Kwee) International Law: Tommy Koh: A Guardian of Singapore's Sovereignty (Pang Khang Chau) Service to the UN: Tommy Koh and UNCLOS (Chao Hick Tin) Tommy Koh: The Earth Summit and Capacity Building for the Environment (Koh Kheng-Lian and Irene Lye Lin-Heng) Tommy Koh and the NUS Centre for International Law (Robert Beckman) Peacekeeper and Peace-Builder (Nassrine Azimi and Chang Li Lin) WTO Dispute Settlement System: Singapore's Involvement (Margaret Liang) Malaysia and Singapore: The Reclamation Case ¡ª From Dispute to Settlement (Cheong Koon Hean) Tommy Koh and Pedra Branca (Chan Sek Keong) Tributes: Tommy Koh: Colleague and Friend (George Yeo) Working with Ambassador Tommy Koh (Jenny Ho-Tan) Tommy Koh: Young Boss and Man Sans Pareil (Geoffrey Yu) Tommy Koh: Reflections of a Friend (Gopinath Pillai) My Friend of 65 Years, Professor Tommy Koh (Wan Hussin Zoohri) A Tribute to Tommy (S Jayakumar)
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