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Dialogues With Ethnography : Notes On Classics, And How I Read Them
ISBN-13 : 9781783099535
Publisher : Multilingual Matters
Pub Date : January 2018
Status : Published

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This book persuasively argues the case that ethnography must be viewed as a full theoretical system, rather than just as a research method. Blommaert traces the influence of his reading of classic works about ethnography on his thinking, and discusses a range of authors who have influenced the development of a theoretical system of ethnography, or whose work might be productively used to develop it further. Authors examined include Hymes, Scollon, Kress, Bourdieu, Bakhtin and Lefebvre. This book will be required reading for students and scholars involved in ethnographic research, or those interested in the theory of ethnography.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Ethnography as Couter-Hegemony: Remarks on Epistemology and Method

Chapter 2: Obituary: Dell H. Hymes (1927-2009)

Chapter 3: Ethnography and Democracy: Hymes’ Political Theory of Language

Chapter 4: Ethnopoetics as Functional Reconstruction: Dell Hymes’ Narrative View of the World

Chapter 5: Grassroots Historiography and the Problem of Voice: Tshibumba’s Histoire Du Zaïre

Chapter 6: Historical Bodies and Historical Space

Chapter 7: Semiotic and Spatial Scope: Towards a Materialist Semiotics

Chapter 8: Pierre Bourdieu and Language in Society

Chapter 9: Combining Surveys and Ethnographies in the Study of Rapid Social Change

Chapter 10: Data Sharing As Entextualization Practice

Chapter 11: Chronotopes, Scales and Complexity in the Study of Language in Society

Chapter 12: Marxism and Urban Culture

Chapter 13: On Scope and Depth in Linguistic Ethnography: A Commentary


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