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Representations Of The World In Language Textbooks
ISBN-13 : 9781783099580
Publisher : Multilingual Matters
Pub Date : January 2018
Status : Published

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This book presents a new and comprehensive framework for the analysis of representations of culture, society and the world in textbooks for foreign and second language learning. The framework is transferable to other kinds of learning materials and to other subjects. The framework distinguishes between five approaches: national studies, citizenship education studies, cultural studies, postcolonial studies and transnational studies. In a series of concrete analyses, the book illustrates how one can describe and uncover representations of the world in textbooks for English, German, French, Spanish, Danish and Esperanto. Each analysis is accompanied by suggestions of possible supplements and changes. The book points to the need for language learning materials to deal seriously with knowledge about the world, including its diversities and problems.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Representations of the World

Chapter 2. Culture in Textbook Analyses around the World

Chapter 3. National Studies

Chapter 4. Citizenship Education Studies

Chapter 5. Cultural Studies

Chapter 6. Postcolonial Studies

Chapter 7. Transnational Studies


Appendix 1: Textbooks Selected

Appendix 2: Survey Corpus

Appendix 3: List of Photos from Textbooks


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  • Social Science / Anthropology / Cultural
  • Social Science / Ethnic Studies
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