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You Are Good Enough! : Embracing Who You Really Are
by LaRowe, Karl | Vig, Ravi
ISBN-13 : 9789814827386
ISBN-10 : 981482738X
Publisher : Straits Times Press
Format : Paperback / softback
Pub Date : March 2019
Status : Published

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The feeling of being burnt-out and exhausted, and of struggling endlessly to fnd a balance between family, work and other commitments is common. Many caught in this chase to succeed at all costs end up feeling like failures that they are just not good enough. The authors of You Are Good Enough! are determined to help the defeated feel empowered again. Addressing the reader directly, the book covers and discusses concepts and issues including: The idea of “Enoughless : The pervasive, persistent and corrosive sense of not feeling good enough Its opposite, “Enoughness : Believing that who you are, right now, is good enough Identifying and recognising how old, outdated life scripts may be keeping you trapped in anxious fatigue and toxic negativity Experiencing a shift of perception from the image of who you thought you were supposed to be (your counterfeit self) to the honest reality of your authentic self Taking ownership of your emotions and exploring how to become the person you naturally, truly are The book has four sections: Enoughless; The Opportunity Cost of Enoughless; Transformation to Enoughness; and Experiencing Enoughness. Chapters include “Anxious Fatigue , “Loss of Purpose and “Roadmap to Enoughness , and real-life examples based on case studies are given throughout. The ultimate aim is for readers to embark on a “hero’s journey in their hearts and minds, fnd and embrace their authentic selves, and from then on re-discover and embrace their inherent worthiness.
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