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How The Man In Green Saved Pahang, And Possibly The World
by Kam, Joshua
ISBN-13 : 9789814901048
ISBN-10 : 9814901040
Publisher : Epigram Books
Format : Paperback / softback
Pub Date : July 2020
Status : Published

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Price: S$24.90

When a renegade prophet vanishes in a cloud of pigeons in Kuala Lumpur, chorister and first witness Gabriel finds himself press-ganged into a wild road trip down the Malaysian coast. Meanwhile, in a sleepy town by the sea, Lydia traces the links between her late grandaunt¡¯s eccentric lover and her involvement in the Communist Emergency. As Lydia and Gabriel enter a shadowy mythology of serpents, Sufi saints and plainclothes gods, they must grapple with the theologies and histories they once trusted, in a country more perilously punk than they¡¯d ever conceived of. Praise ¡°What a trip! This 21st-century adventure quest with an Islamic saint also brings us on a madcap tour through a multitude of Malaysian mythologies¡ª Malay epics, Taoist pantheons, WW2/Emergency/Merdeka heroics, and more. Even more vitally, it gives us hope amidst the dire news of our era¡ª political corruption, environmental devastation and bigotry¡ªreassuring us that the human/divine spirit still flourishes in the late-capitalist tropics, and is ultimately destined to triumph over evil. An absolute delight, and truly, deliciously Malaysian.¡± ¡ªNg Yi-Sheng, award-winning author of Lion City
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