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Reframing Generational Stereotypes: Embrace Age Diversity, Build Mutual Understanding And Foster Collaboration To Drive Positive Change
by Focardi, Rachele
Edition : 1st ed.,pbk.
ISBN-13 : 9789814923095
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Format : Paperback / softback
Pub Date : December 2020
Status : Published

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With Baby Boomers working past the age of retirement and the arrival of Gen Z, we are seeing for the first time in history four sometimes five generations working alongside each other. As a result, organizations are experiencing the X-Y-Z Divide Syndrome, where generational diversity is seen as a negative element, making it difficult to build and maintain a happy and productive workplace. Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z have different mindsets, expectations and communication styles, yet they have one thing in common: they ALL feel misunderstood. Being aware of each other’s needs, challenges, viewpoints, strengths even fears, is key to unlocking the power of intergenerational collaboration. Unlike most management books, Reframing Generational Stereotypes uses stories to reveal the origins of workplace conflicts, provide groundbreaking strategies to address them, and share first account best practices from leading global organizations. Whether you are a business leader, HR professional, employee, educator, student, or the founder or heir of a family business, this is a book you must read. “Rachele is one of the most influential thought-leaders in this space. Her vast knowledge, purpose and passion are deeply reflected in her writing. Through stories, she helps us understand the power of intergenerational collaboration, and presents innovative strategies to help shape The Future of Work. Raquel Suarez, Global Head of Employer Brand and Youth, Unilever “There is no more insightful guide on how to bring together generations with different values and working styles, and the advantages of doing it successfully. Focardi’s writing style is clear, interesting, often funny, and yet logically compelling. An excellent read. Bob Aubrey, Founder, ASEAN Human Development Organization “Rachele’s fluent delivery makes this book a page-turner. She provides insightful context into each generation’s mindsets, attitudes, behaviors, and how they shape their personas in the workplace. A powerful guide for embracing diversity and positive change, and a must-read for every leader in business today. Joanna Bush, Managing Director, HRM Asia
Table of Contents
Note from the Author Introduction Acknowledgments Foreword About the Author Part 1 How Effectively Leading a Multigenerational Workforce Became a Business Priority Chapter 1: Why This Book is REALLY Important A Gen X Story Chapter 2: The Strategic Importance of Talent Chapter 3: The Millennial Impact Chapter 4: The Google Phenomenon Chapter 5: Life Careerism Chapter 6: The Rise of Gen Z The Disruption of Higher Education The Quest for Purpose Chapter 7: Ethical Consumerism Chapter 8: The Important Role of Today’s Youth Chapter 9: A Limited Window of Opportunity Chapter 10: The Rise of Generational Diversity Part 2 The Multigenerational Workforce From Baby Boomers to Gen Z Chapter 11: The Truth Behind Intergenerational Conflicts Chapter 12: Are Baby Boomers and Millennials Really That Different? Chapter 13: Let’s Talk About Stereotypes Chapter 14: The Evolution of the Workplace From 1970s to 2020s A Day in the Life of a Young Baby Boomer A Day in the Life of a Young Gen X Millennials and the Workplace Revolution Gen Z and the Post-Covid-19 Workplace Chapter 15: The Opposing Definition of Respect Chapter 16: How Parenting Styles Affect Workplace Leadership Baby Boomers and Authoritarian Parents Gen X and Uninvolved Parents Millennials and “Helicopter Parents Gen Z and “Stealth Fighter Parents Chapter 17: Fears and Concerns of the Multigenerational Workforce Chapter 18: Benefits of Harmonizing a Multigenerational Workforce and What You Risk if You Don’t Chapter 19: Covid-19 and the New Normal Part 3 Winning Strategies and Initiatives to Harness the Power of Intergenerational Collaboration Introduction Chapter 20: Recognize, Understand, Embrace and Celebrate Generational Diversity The Importance of Cross-Generational Awareness Generational Awareness Sessions Workshops Coaching Sharing Platforms Round Tables and Peer Groups Team-Bonding Activities Shared Workspaces Chapter 21: Use Collaborative Decision-Making to Create Winning Multigenerational Teams Chapter 22: Shift the Mindset of Your Senior Leaders Chapter 23: Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Manager–Employee Relationships Chapter 24: Choose Your Leaders Wisely and Hold Them Accountable Chapter 25: Prepare the Young Generation for Leadership Don’t Mold Them Help Them Uncover Their True Potential Empower Them and Make Them Feel Safe Offer a Multi-Dimensional Path to Leadership Give Them Exposure and Allow Them to Make an Impact From Shadow Boards to Leadership and Impact Challenges Chapter 26: Encourage a Learning Exchange: Two-Way Mentoring, Reverse Mentoring and Other Initiatives Chapter 27: Advocate and Practice Life-long Learning Chapter 28: Intergenerational Collaboration: The Key to Family Business Succession Chapter 29: Now It’s Up To You! References Index
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