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Singapore: The Fintech Nation
Edition : 1st ed.,pbk.
ISBN-13 : 9789814923019
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Format : Paperback / softback
Pub Date : December 2020
Status : Published

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Singapore shines as a beacon of hope for people from all over the region to build their ventures in the domains of finance and technology. This book covers the liberalization of financial services, the establishment of regional hubs, and the embracement of FinTech innovation. The three pillars of Singapore as The FinTech Nation are the ecosystem, the regulators, and relentless individuals who have developed a playbook to establish synergy and achieved outsized outcomes in a short period. This book aspires to bring together stories and journeys of founders along with the enablers of the ecosystem. It will show how access to capital, customers, the talent pool, and policy initiatives have led to success. It aims to inspire the next generation of founders to build their ventures to bring technology to the masses and improve the lives of billions.
Table of Contents
Acknowledgments Foreword Preface About the Authors Table of Figures Chapter 1 An Ecosystem Playbook: Engage, Experiment and Execute . Constraints Force a New Approach . Innovation Effect – Lead the change you want to be . Network Effect – Build a perceptual scale . Ecosystem Effect – Inclusive engagement approach • A Digital Avatar of the Ecosystem: API Exchange (APIX) • Building a Global Knowledge Platform for the Worldwide Community – Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) . Regulation Effect – Enabling regulatory environment • Facilitating Business Models, Streamlining Existing Regulations and Supporting Investment Innovation . Productivity and Efficiency to Sustainability and Resilience Chapter 2 Optimum Regulation, Maximum Compliance . Financial Services . Insurance • Global Trends • Singapore Trends . FinTechs in Capital Markets • Global Landscape • Singapore Landscape . Lending • Global Trends • Singapore Trends . Wealth Chapter 3 It takes a Village to Raise a Child . FinTech Choupal . Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) . Post-COVID Solidarity Chapter 4 Hub-It-ology . Community Hub . Innovations by Singapore Banks . Global Banks in Singapore . Exit Stories Chapter 5 Equalizers to Promote the Ecosystem . GovTech Bedrock . MyInfo . Cybersecurity . API Strategy . Payment Rails . Blockchain Chapter 6 Orchestrate Network Effects . API Exchange (APIX) . Venture Capital (VC) . International Hubs and Bridges Chapter 7 Bounce Back . KYC Utility 2.0 . Blockchain Fiasco Chapter 8 Perceptual Reality: Beliefs and Beyond . Perceptual Reality . Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) . Hackcelerator . Beyond Technology • Empowerment • Alignment • Employee as Customer • Failure is Success . Transformation Chapter 9 Talent Initiatives and Development . Talent Development Today and Challenges in the Future . Private and Governmental Responses . Graduates for a Digital World . Talent Initiatives . Talent Challenges or Opportunity? Chapter 10 Roadmap – Power of Maps . Digital Banks . Sustainability . Artificial Intelligence Chapter 11 New Frontier . Concentration Risk • Talent • Capital . The New Normal . Innovation Quiver . Conclusion Appendix Glossary of terms Index
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