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Layman's Guide To Employment Law
by Ravi Chandran
Edition : 1st ed.,pbk.
ISBN-13 : 9789814923071
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Format : Paperback / softback
Pub Date : December 2020
Status : Published

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Price: S$49.00

Layman's Guide to Employment Law provides readers with the fundamentals of Singapore employment law. It has been written specifically for persons without legal background or training such as non-law students, employees, employers, entrepreneurs and human resource managers. Features * Covers a full range of employment issues * Provides a simple introduction to a complex topic * Provides clear examples and simplified case examples * Highlights practical points to look out for * Contains a sample employment contract with explanation
Table of Contents
Contents Preface Table of Cases Table of Legislation and Subsidiary Legislation Chapter 1: Introduction to Employment Law Background Sources of Law Civil and Criminal Matters Civil: Dispute Resolution Litigation Mediation Employment Claims Tribunal Enforcement of Civil Judgements or Mediation Settlements Industrial Arbitration Court Criminal: Some General Issues Chapter 2: Identifying the Employee and Employer Who is an Employee? The Reason for the Distinction The Test to be Applied Some Illustrative Cases Some Specific Situations Who is the Employer? Where Employees Are Hired Out Where Employees Are Seconded Where Employees Work for a Corporate Groups Chapter 3: Contract of Employment Essentials of a Contract Offer Acceptance Consideration Intention to Create Legal Relations Writing Capacity to Enter into Contract Civil Aspect Criminal Aspect Variation of a Contract Grounds for Upholding a Variation Variation as Opposed to New Contract Chapter 4: Terms of an Employment Contract Express Terms Source of Express Terms Fairness of Express Terms Implied Terms Terms Implied by Statute Terms Implied by Custom Terms Implied by Courts Effect of Breach of Terms Chapter 5: Implied Obligations of Employer and Employee Employer Obligations Duty of Care Duty to Indemnify Duty of Trust and Confidence Vicarious Liability Liability for Harassment Employee Obligations Obedience Competency Duty of Care Good Faith and Fidelity Chapter 6: Statutory Duties - Part I Employment Act Persons Covered by the Employment Act Persons Covered by Part IV of the Employment Act Part IV Rights: Rest Days/Hours of Work/Overtime Pay Salary Related Matters Public Holiday Leave Annual Leave Sick Leave Childcare Leave Maternity Leave The Child Development Co-Savings Act Childcare Leave Maternity Leave Shared Parental Leave Paternity Leave Chapter 7: Statutory Duties - Part II The Central Provident Fund Act Persons in Respect of Whom CPF is Payable Amount of CPF Payable Wages that Attract CPF Effect of not Paying CPF Skills Development Levy Act The Retirement And Re-Employment Act Retirement Age Re-employment Exemptions The Personal Data Protection Act Meaning of Personal Data Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Data Access to Personal Data Protection of Personal Data Retention of Personal Data Liability for Breach Constitutional Provisions on Discrimination TAFEP Chapter 8: Termination and Retrenchment Performance Frustration Agreement Notice Salary in Lieu of Notice Other Related Issues Fundamental or Repudiatory Breach Serious Breach by Employee Serious Breach by Employer Retrenchment Basis of Choosing Employees Retrenchment Benefits Chapter 9: Health and Safety at Work Workplace Safety and Health Act Duty of Occupier Duty of Employer Duty of Others Other Matters Work Injury Compensation Act Persons Entitled to Claim Places Covered Basis of Liability Compulsory Insurance Claim Process No Double Compensation Calculating Compensation Medical Treatment and Expenses Chapter 10: Trade Unions, Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining Trade Unions Formation Types of Union and Membership Other Matters Collective Bargaining Collective Agreement Industrial Arbitration Industrial Action Chapter 11: Hiring Foreign Manpower Employing a Foreigner Work Pass Conditions Levy, Quota and Security Bond Levy Quota Security Bond Types of Work Passes Work Permit S Pass Employment Pass Training Work Permit Training Employment Pass Other Matters Reductions to and Deductions from Salary Cancellation of Work Pass Chapter 12: Sample Employment Contract and Explanation A Sample Offer Letter Explanation of Terms Index About the Author
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