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The Truth Seekers @ Haji Lane
by Amelie, Maryam
ISBN-13 : 9789810967451
ISBN-10 : 9810967454
Publisher : Ungu Pen Publications
Format : Paperback / softback
Pub Date : December 2015
Status : Published

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Price: S$23.00

The Truth Seekers @ Haji Lane is a romance novella about nineteen year old Sufiah who was seeking her vocation in life as well as her imam or Mr Right. Raised in a Singaporean Malay Muslim family, Sufiah, the youngest of three children was schooled in a madrasah for ten years, before she chose to continue her education in the polytechnic, just because of the dress code. In the polytechnic, she was able to don the hejab unlike the junior college, even though this meant she had to enter a less prestigious institute of learning. As a teenager, she also had girly ambitions, one of which is to find love ĘC a husband whose taqwa-metre (piety to Allah) is higher than hers. The setting of the novella revolved around the district of Kampong Gelam, where the iconic Masjid Sultan is located, as well as the hipster part of this once Malay enclave - Haji Lane. The novella also traverse time and space, where Sufiah, after some disappointment, and praying istikharah, led her to reignite her relationship with the Al-mighty. After going through her umrah, internship in Andalusia, Spain; and sojourn in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - four years later, she was again faced with the dilemma of having to make the most important decision of her life that will determine her soulmate, her imam. Who will he be? Will he be Abdul Matin, Reza or Khairil?
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Subject / Bisac
  • Fiction / Romance / Short Stories
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