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Technology Roadmapping
by Daim Tugrul U | Oliver Terry | Phaal Rob
ISBN-13 : 9789813235335
Publisher : World Scientific
Format : Hardback
Pub Date : February 2018
Status : Not yet published

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This book is the authoritative reference for technology roadmapping, written by authors known worldwide for their expertise on the subject. The book has four parts. The objective of the first part is to introduce established technology management frameworks, to highlight the overall ecosystem for the use of technology roadmaps. This part provides international perspectives as well as examples from industrial organizations and government agencies. The second part provides a toolkit presented through applications and case studies, and provides a review of methods complimentary to technology roadmapping. The tools discussed include technology assessment, technology forecasting and technology intelligence analysis. The objective of this part is to provide professionals with the tools required to gather the essential data for the roadmapping project. Part three presents proven frameworks for technology roadmapping written by those who have developed practical approaches for various organizations. This part provides the know-how for developing and executing technology roadmaps. The final section presents applications demonstrating the use of this powerful tool, providing regional, government and industrial applications. The knowledge base includes projects from Europe, Asia and the Americas.
Table of Contents
Technology Management Models: Technology Management Tools: Generalization, Integration and Configuration Technology Management Tools and Techniques: Factors Affecting Their Usage and Their Impact on Performance Exploratory Study on the Development and Application of Integrated Information Technology Management Model Research and Development (R&D) Management in the Utility Industry Technology Research Management Tools: A Taxonomic Review of Methods and Tools Applied in Technology Assessment Review of Scenario Planning; Evaluation of Energy Storage Technologies for Integration with Renewable Electricity Technology Development Envelope Approach for the Adoption of Future Powertram Technologies: A Case Study on Ford Otosan Roadmapping Model Forecasting Emerging Technologies: Use of Bibliometrics and Patent Analysis Self-facilitating Templates for Technology and Innovation Strategy Workshops Technology Roadmapping Improvement Through an Add-on Process Technology Roadmapping Frameworks: Patterns of Convergence Within the Emerging Bioeconomy The Case of The Agricultural and Energy Sector Depicting Options and Investment Appraisal Information in Roadmaps A Process for The Update and Review of Operation and Technology Roadmaps Service Business Planning Towards Shared Service Roadmapping Current State of Technology Roadmapping (TRM) Research and Practice Analytical Approach to Building a Technology Development Envelope (TDE) for Roadmapping of Emerging Technologies Application of Technology Roadmaps for Renewable Energy Sector Addressing Cognitive and Social Influence Inhibitors During Ideation Stages of Technology Roadmapping Applications: Technology Roadmap Benchmarking Technology Planning for Emerging Business Model and Regulatory Integration The Case of Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Transmission Technology Roadmap Development
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