In view of the recent tightening measures introduced to contain the Covid-19 situation, we would like to inform you that expect delay in deliveries due to further restrictions in workplaces..
We seek your understanding and co-operation and wish you and your family the best of health.
1. What is the Textbook Bookshop?
Textbook Bookshop replaces the physical bookshop which used to be on-campus. It enables the NP community to have 24/7 access to a mega bookstore carrying close to 500,000 titles.
2. Who can use the Textbook Bookshop?
The Textbook Bookshop is open to students (including CET students), staff and alumni.
3. Is the price cheaper than other bookshops?
UBS is committed to pass all student discounts, promotional discounts, special discounts from publishers for textbooks to students and staff. For general reading books, UBS is committed to give a discount of 15% on most purchases, which is most of the time better than the rates elsewhere.
4. What is On-Campus Adopted Textbooks Sale?
In light of the COVID-19 situation, the on-campus Textbooks Sale has been moved to an online sale.
5. How do students get informed of the books that they need to buy?
In light of the COVID-19 situation, the on-campus Textbooks Sale has been moved to an online sale.
Titles submitted by lecturers will be in the Adopted Textbook Database. Students may browse by Schools/Divisions, modules, lecturer's names, Diplomas and Year of Study to find out the textbooks to purchase.
6. How do students purchase and collect their textbooks?
In light of the COVID-19 situation, the on-campus Textbooks Sale has been moved to an online sale. Students can order online at
7. Are students required to purchase the textbooks? Is it compulsory?
Students may confirm with their respective lecturers when in doubt.
8.Why are students unable to locate their modules on the portal?
This is likely because the student's particular module may not require purchase of textbooks. However, students may like to confirm with their lecturers.
9. When textbook orders are placed online after the on-campus textbook sale, what is the waiting period?
Fulfilment of orders will commence from 14 October 2020 onwards, henceforth to allow 3-day processing time. Orders will then be delivered within 2 to 4 working days, if available locally.
For out of stock items, please allow 1 week to replenish stock if available locally; and 3 to 4 weeks to replenish stock if need to indent from overseas. You may check the online bookshop whether the book has been re-stocked.
10. Can lecturers arrange for bulk purchase of textbooks for their students?
Yes. You can email UBS on your requirements if you have a confirmed quantity to be delivered.
11. Besides textbooks, what other types of books are available from Textbook Bookshop?
Students, staff and alumni may browse the website for New Arrivals, Popular Titles, academic, fiction and other leisure reading titles. Login with your email address at UBSPRESS.COM for system to validate your status and display the relevant discounts.
12. Can staff/students order titles not found on the UBS website?
Yes, this will be entertained. Please contact UBS via the Contact Us Form
13. How can staff/students check on titles that are out of stock?
For titles that are out of stock, please contact UBS via the Contact Us Form as there may be delay in some shipments.
14. How are books ordered online delivered?
In light of the COVID-19 situation, the on-campus Textbooks Sale has moved to an online sale. Students may order online with Home delivery option. There will be a delivery fee of $5 for 1 to 2 books per order or $8 for 3 or more books per order.
15. Who pays for the bulk purchase when delivered (eg. in some modules, there are textbooks that are compulsory to purchase)?
In light of the COVID-19 situation, this service will be suspended.
16. How can students pay for online textbook purchases?
Students may make payment via iBank transfer, PayNow, Paypal and NTUC Care Fund (E-Vouchers).
17. Can students exchange, return or request for refunds?
This can be entertained if the book (applicable to textbooks only) is still in mint condition. Such requests must be made (by email) within 7 days from date of purchase.
NOTE : Textbooks bundled with ebook and ebook access codes cannot be returned nor refunded once access codes had been opened or activated.
18. How does the website differentiate a staff from a student who login?
The email address that the lecturer uses to register on the website has to be an email address as system verification is against domain name, ie. or Authentication is through an email alert which will be automatically sent to the email account indicated.
19. Can staff use any other email accounts?
As authentication is through the domain name in the email address, use of other email address will not qualify for the more attractive discount rates extended to students and staff.
20. How to register for an account?
Access Textbook Bookshop Click on the link Sign Up Now! and complete the Account Registration Form. Please register with a valid email address (eg. or Thereafter, you will receive an e-mail to activate your account.
21. What should a student who does not have his email account do?
Students can login to their web email account: The username is NPNet ID (eg,
22. Who can I feedback on Textbook Bookshop matters?
Please feedback through Contact & Feedback