In view of the recent tightening measures introduced to contain the Covid-19 situation, we would like to inform you that expect delay in deliveries due to further restrictions in workplaces..
We seek your understanding and co-operation and wish you and your family the best of health.

UBS Library Services Pte Ltd (UBS) has a legal obligation to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”) in relation to personal data which we hold about you.

Purposes for which your data may be used

UBS will use your data to provide you with information about your online purchase, order fulfillment, account administrations and various other services provided in the portal. UBS will use your data for administration, statistical analysis, underwriting, risk assessment, fraud prevention and regulatory purposes.


UBS and UBS representatives shall treat all information about you securely and with care guided by our policies and practices.


UBS and UBS representatives shall use the data solely for the web portal services and may not be used for any marketing distribution unless stated. If you do not wish to keep your data after graduation, please write to us at the address below or email us at

**The above information is subjected to change without prior notice.